You are legally required to verify the identification of a new worker when they work their first shift at your business. If a worker has worked for you before, this is no longer necessary. 

To verify the identification of the worker, you need to check the following details: 

  • Name, address and place
  • Place of birth
  • Social Citizen Number (BSN)
  • Nationality
  • If necessary; residence permit, employment permit, A1 or VAR statement

You also need to check the identification document for:

  • Passport photo: does this correspond with the worker in front of you? 
  • Characteristics: are height and age correct?
  • Signature: you can ask the worker to sign on a piece of paper
  • Nationality: is the nationality stated?
  • Document validity: has the expiry date not yet expired?

Be aware that the worker needs to bring a valid identification document stating Social Citizen Number (BSN) and nationality. A driving license is therefore not a valid document. 

You are not allowed to make a copy of the identification document, unless the worker has a nationality outside the European Economic Area

However, you can record the data for your own administration. 

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