Student login: in class and at home

How do I connect my students? Home code, school code, family invitations

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Student can log in thanks to various options:

  • The school code will give them access to all the classes within their school, and all their classmates’ profiles. It is best to keep it for school usage, where students can be supervised by their teacher.

  • The home code is unique to each student. With this code, they will only access their Lalilo profile and journey map.

  • If the students’ profiles have been rostered via the Renaissance Growth Platform or via Clever, they can use the corresponding portals to log in. They will need their portal credentials, but they will not need any Lalilo code. Home and school codes will also work for these students.

➡️ Via the shool code

  • You will find the school code on your homepage (below your classes):

  • You can also click on “Student view” in the top right-hand corner to access your classes without needing to input the school code :

Your students will need to input their school code after clicking on “Student in
school” here:

➡️ Via the home code

You can share a home code with your students’ families, but it can also be used in class.

This code will be unique to each student, and cannot be changed.

You will find the home codes and family invitations by clicking on “Invite Families” in the top menu:

You will then be able to print or download the invitations (by clicking on “Download”), or to send out invitations via email:

Teachers that have the Complete version of Lalilo will also find the home code in the top left-hand corner of each student’s individual page, below their name:

Your students will need to input their home code after clicking on “Student at home” here, or by clicking on the link they will have received in the email invitation.

➡️ Via the Renaissance Growth Platform

The school and individual codes will work for these students, but it will be easier for them to just click on the Lalilo tile from the RGP portal - no code needed!

1. Start your web browser and go to the web address provided by your school or district.

2. Select I'm a Student on the Renaissance start page.

3. If you know your user name, enter it.

4. Enter your password.

Make sure you have the correct password. Student accounts can be locked if you try to log in several times with the wrong password. Student accounts unlock automatically after 5 minutes.

5. Select Log In. You will go to the Home page, where you will see links for each product that your class is using. Click on the Lalilo tile.

➡️ Via Clever

Whether they are at home or in class, students who are synced with Clever should follow these steps:

  • Log in to Clever

  • Click on the class page

  • Click on the Lalilo icon

  • Start exploring the Lalilo worlds 🗺️

If your students have trouble logging in, please check out this article: My students can't log in via Clever.

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