Without Clever

What's the difference between logging in at home or in class?

Students can log in:

The Student in school option will give access to all the classes and students in your school - we recommend that you do not use that option for students who need to log in at home. The Student at home option will only grant them access to their own profile ;)

Class login

You will find the school code on your homepage (below your classes).

You can also click on Student view in the top right-hand corner to access your classes without needing to input the school code.

Home login

If you want your students to have access to Lalilo at home, you can access the invitations and home codes by clicking on Invite Families in the top menu:

You will then be able to print or download the invitations (by clicking on Print), or to send out invitations via email:

With Clever

Whether they are at home or in class, students who are synced with Clever should follow these steps:

  • Log in to Clever

  • Click on the class page

  • Click on the Lalilo icon

  • Start exploring the Lalilo worlds 🗺️

If your students have trouble logging in, please check out this article: My students can't log in via Clever.

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