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My students can't log in via Clever
My students can't log in via Clever
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Are your students unable to log in to Lalilo via Clever? If so, this article should help you!

⚠️ After June 26th, 2024, the use of Clever Library as a rostering method for Lalilo will be discontinued. Users who currently roster their classes via Clever will not be able to access Lalilo via Clever anymore. Please click here to see how to set things up so you can keep using Lalilo without Clever after this date: How to keep using Lalilo after Clever rostering becomes unavailable (June 26th, 2024)

On Lalilo, are your students synced with Clever?

When your class is synced with Clever:

  • You will see a blue "C" logo below your class;

  • You will see a "Re-sync students" blue button in your student list.

⚠️ Co-teachers will not see the "Re-sync" button. If you are a co-teacher, but they will see the "C" logo next to the class.

If some students are not synced with Clever yet, you will see three vertical dots next to their name. You can take a look at this article to sync your class and your students: Syncing my class with Clever.

Your Lalilo list of students is synced with Clever, and yet they can't log in

1️⃣ Make sure your students are logged in to their Clever portal;

2️⃣ Ask them to click on the Lalilo logo;

3️⃣ They should see their Lalilo journey map, without having to enter any credentials.

If they are asked for credentials, and/or asked to install a browser extension, please check that you are not using "Saved password" (see screenshot below).
Students should log in to Lalilo via the 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ steps outlined above.

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