If you are a current user, please get in touch if we don't have coverage in your area. We will find the data you need.

Planning data coverage: Area

We have comprehensive land ownership and planning applications coverage for England and Wales. We have 95% area coverage for planning applications across England.

Of the 324 councils in England we cover 302 councils, as well as 2 national parks. We are working on the remaining 22 councils and they will soon be included in our systems. It is harder to get data from certain councils depending on how they publish it on their sites. In Wales we cover 4 councils including Cardiff. We will include coverage of 16 further councils very soon.

Planning data coverage: Time period

For all the councils that have the data, we go up to 15 years back (sometimes more). If you wish to get data older than what is available in the application, please get in touch.


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