Learn how to use the Ownership View feature here. If you are following the instructions and still cant seem to see ownership information, read on.

You may have run out of Ownership Views

Depending on the plan you have subscribed to, you'll have access to a fixed number of ownership views every month. For unlimited ownership views contact us about upgrading to the Unlimited Plan. 

When you run out of Ownership Views you will get a pop up like this saying so:

However, this pop up will only show up once. After that you simply lose the ability to see the owner of a site. It will say '1 freeholder' instead of the owner company/ associations name as if every site was owned by a private individual despite the colour scheme.

How many Ownership Views do I have remaining?

To check how many Ownership Views you have remaining simply go to the 'Your Account' page. Learn how to do so here.


What counts as one Ownership View?

Simply clicking on a site within the Ownership Layer counts as one Ownership View.

This is because the owners information is made visible as soon as you click on a site. Learn how to use this feature here.

Returning to a site after having viewed the ownership information in the past will not use up another view. It still counts as one ownership view. However all your ownership views are reset every month when your ownership views are refreshed.

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