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How to search through your saved sites
How to search through your saved sites

Can't find a site you saved? Use the search bar in the sites area.

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To get the most from your LandInsight account, you should be regularly saving sites. That way you can assess them and track the opportunity via the Sites Pipeline.

But what happens when you want to quickly find a particular site you've saved?

There are two easy ways to search through your sites.

1. Filtering

In the Sites Pipeline, using the dropdowns in the top left you're able to filter by site name or even any custom labels you've used.

(If you want to label a site, just go to the site card for it and click the + underneath the site name).

Plus, if you have multiple licences and have a merged Pipeline with the rest of your team, you can even filter on assignee so you can see who's working on what.

2. Search bar (in list view)

For this one, you need to make sure you're in List View (which you can change in the top-right corner:

The old label filtering will continue to work in the same way as before but now you can search in ‘free text’ as well.  

This will let you search quickly and easily by title, local authority, address, and label – so you can find exactly what you're after.

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