Planning policies – things like Area of Natural Beauty (AONB), Significant Industrial Locations (SILs), protected areas, flood zones etc. – can all have serious implications for potential sites.

Luckily there’s a quick and easy way to view these restrictions – using the Planning Policy layer.

Using the Planning Policy Layer

From the Map layer, simply select ‘Planning Policy’ from the drop down menu. This gives you a good overview of the policies in place in a particular area by overlaying them on the map.

Want to know more?

Click ‘View Further Policies in Policy Search’ and search for the exact restriction you’re after.

Some notes:

Firstly, Local Authorities may not track every planning policy, or may use a different name for them. For instance, area reserved for housing may be ‘housing supply’, or ‘housing allocation’, or ‘housing development site’ etc. – so make sure you search for the correct one for your area.

Secondly, not all councils have their proposal maps available to us. As soon as they become available we’ll get them added for you to start using. 

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