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I can't access some of the content on the page
I can't access some of the content on the page
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In most cases, this will be because you are unable to open up the 'accordions' on the page.

About accordions

On Landlord Law, in order to save space on the page and make accessing complex content more manageable we use a display system known as 'accordions'.

Here, much of the content is hidden - you view it by opening up the various sections of the accordions by clicking on the title next to the small black arrow. See the two images below:

Sometimes a slightly different system is used where there is a small - or + sign rather than the little arrow. They work in a very similar way.

If the accordions won't open

Most of the time, the accordions will work fine. However, we understand that some members have had difficulty opening them when using an older internet browser such as Internet Explorer.

If this happens we suggest you use a more modern browser such as » Chrome or » Firefox (follow the links to learn how to instal these if they are not already on your computer). If you use Microsoft you can also use Microsoft Edge which has replaced Internet Explorer.

If you have other problems viewing content on the page please send us a message.

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