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Cancellation - How to Cancel your Landlord Law Membership
Cancellation - How to Cancel your Landlord Law Membership

What to do if you no longer want to remain as a member and wish to cancel

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Generally - if you have a query about a cancellation, please can you send us a contact message - rather than telephone. If you telephone, we will always ask you to confirm via the messenger service or email and will not do anything until this is received (as we need your email address to find you on the system).

If you don't want to renew:

To cancel your membership and your payments

1. Go to the Members Dashboard - click the button at the top of the screen which says Welcome [your name] to go there.

2. Then click the green 'My Account' button (you may have to scroll down a bit)

3. Click the 'Subscriptions' button - this will take you to a page where you will find your membership listed.

4. Click the 'View' button. If there is more than one subscription listed - click the one  for your Landlord Law membership which has active status.

5. You should see an orange 'Cancel' button. Click this button and your payments will be cancelled.

You will still be able to access the members' area for the rest of your membership period. However, after that, you will need to re-subscribe to get access again.

If you are cancelling within your 30 day guarantee period, you will need to contact us if you want a refund as this is not done automatically. Please use the green button messenger service for this. Note that if you ask us to refund your payment, your access will be cancelled immediately.

Your Landlord Law points will be deleted six weeks after the date of cancellation unless you re-join within that time.

If you change your mind about cancelling - you can re-subscribe by clicking the resubscribe button and re-entering your payment details. The next payment will then be taken when your membership period ends. You can do this any time up to the end of your membership period.

If you forget to cancel your payments and a payment goes out by mistake

Our terms and conditions provide for you to receive a full refund provided you contact us within 7 days of the payment being made. Please contact us via the green button messenger service to request this. As emails sometimes get lost or are not delivered.

If you have any problems with any of this, send us a message via the green button help service.

If you want to end your membership because of a problem you have experienced on the site

Please tell us about the problem first via the green button messenger service, giving your name and the email registered to the account. It may be something we are able to fix for you.

As with all things, there are occasional issues with the Landlord Law site. However, if we do not know about it, we cannot help you or correct the problem! We will ALWAYS try to put a problem right if we can.

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