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I can't find links to generate the additional forms
I can't find links to generate the additional forms

What to do if the links on the additional forms page are unresponsive.

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On Landlord Law we often use a display system known as 'accordion' to save space on the page. To open up the accordions you need to click the title (next to a little black arrow).

Here are some images showing how it works. Here is a screenshot showing the accordions closed up:

After you have clicked the title where the big black arrow is pointing the accordion will open up as follows (you will see that the little black arrow has changed and now points up):

As you will see there is a lot of text (which may have changed if you are viewing this some time after the screenshot was taken) with the blue link to take you to the document generator form.

Note that some older types of internet browser may struggle using this system - you should always upgrade to the most recent version. For example, one user told us that he could not open up the accordions when using 'Explorer 11' but that he had no problems when using Miscrosoft Edge. You should also be fine if you use a recent version of Chrome or Firefox.

If you are unable to open up the accordions the best thing to do is use a different internet browser.

We recommend Chrome or Firefox - you can download and install them on your computer them free of charge.

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