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What are the Tenancy Agreement Additional Forms?
What are the Tenancy Agreement Additional Forms?

We have a number of tenancy agreement related forms in addition to the tenancy agreements themselves

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These are forms which are used either to amend tenancy agreements or are used with or instead of them.

Tenancy Amendment forms

These are forms you can use in 3 specific circumstances:

The forms will amend your tenancy agreement (any tenancy agreement, it does not have to be one of ours) to permit the pet (or whatever) and amend your tenancy agreement to add clauses to protect your position.

To find out more about the individual forms click the links in the bullets above.

Other tenancy related forms

At the moment this consists of 

  • Guarantee forms (one of them a 'guarantor friendly) form, and

  • Our tenancy renewal form  - use this to grant a new fixed term to tenants if nothing is going to change and you do not want to issue a new tenancy agreement.

Landlord Law members will find all these forms on the tenancy Agreement Additional Forms page.

The additional forms for Welsh occupation contracts are found on a separate page:

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