We often get complains from members who follow links from an email, for example in the weekly bulletin, and then find that they get taken to the Members Dashboard instead.

This happens if the page you are trying to reach is a members only page and you are not logged in when you click. After you have logged in, you will be taken to the Members Dashboard rather than the page you wanted.

People often ask if we can 'correct this error'. However due to the way the site is currently set up we are unable to do this.

The reason is that the site currently overrides the normal procedure when someone logs in, to take someone logging in as a Landlord Law member to the Members Dashboard. This is the best place for members to go when they log in as we can notify you of any new issues you need to know in the Notices section at the top. Plus there are a lot of handy links for you there.

However as we already have that re-direct, we can't have another one!

The answer to this issue is to make sure that you are logged into Landlord Law before you click the link.

Or maybe click the link, log in and then go back to the email and click the link again. It should then take you to the page you want.

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