To track your tasks’ progress and the current status of the work within the project, select “Projects” from the menu bar and choose the project you would like to monitor.

Alternatively, you can also choose “Tasks” from the menu bar to see the progress of all tasks you’ve created, including those that are not associated with a particular project.

Tasks can have nine different statuses

1. The task is created but not yet assigned to a partner.

2. The task is assigned to a partner but not yet accepted by your partner.

3. The task is assigned and accepted, your partner can start working on it.

4. The partner is working on the task.

5. The partner has finished the task and you can check it now to approve it for invoicing.

6. The task has been accepted and the partner can now proceed to invoicing.

7. The task has been rejected or canceled, the partner can't proceed to invoicing.

8. The task has been frozen, your partner will be able to re-start the task once the problem is resolved.

9. The task has been fully completed, including the invoice payment, no more changes can be made or invoices issued. It can also be used to create tasks from the past that you want to have in Lano, but for which you have already received and paid an invoice in the past.

Status change notifications

When a partner accepts your request to process a task or has completed a task, you will receive a notification in your Lano account.

Similarly, your partners will be notified when you assign them to tasks or accept accomplished tasks.

Learn more about how to approve, re-start, block and cancel the task.

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