Receiving a finished task

You will be notified by email as soon as your partner completes a task they have been assigned. The task’s status will then change to "Awaiting approval".

Approving a finished task

If you are satisfied with your partner’s work, you can now approve the task by clicking on the green button in the upper right corner. Your partner will then be able to send you an invoice for the submitted and approved assignment.

Please note: If necessary, it will still be possible to change the task’s status to “In progress” even after approving the task.

Task’s status

Alternatively, you can approve the task by changing its status. You can also re-start, block or cancel the task.

  • Start: The task isn’t approved but has been re-started. The status has been changed back to “In process”. You can add a comment to inform your partner about certain changes that need to be applied to the task in order for it to be approved. Your partner will be notified about the needed changes.

  • Approve: The task has been approved and your partner can now send their invoice.

  • Block: The status has been changed to "Blocked" and the task has been frozen. Your partner will be able to re-start the task once the problem is solved.

  • Cancel: The task has been canceled and it can no longer be processed.

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