Cost centers can be created by an adminstrator for your company,

You can assign invoices to a cost center at any given time, regardless if the invoice has already been approved, initiated, or paid.

You have two options when assigning invoices to a cost center:

  1. You can assign the whole invoice to a cost center.

  2. You can distribute the invoice to several cost centers.

Assigning the whole invoice to a cost center

To assign the whole invoice to a cost center, open the invoice, and go to the tab for Accounting.

Choose the cost center and click "Save".

Distributing invoices to several cost centers

This option can be helpful if an invoice includes several tasks that must be assigned to different cost centers.

Check the box "Distribute invoice to several cost centers". Choose the cost centers for the individual tasks and click "Save".

Splitting tasks to assign to several cost centers

If you would like to split a task on an invoice to assign it to different cost centers, check the box "Distribute invoice to several cost centers" and then choose "Split this task".

Now, you can distribute the costs for a task to one or more cost centers. Click "Save" at the end.

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