With Lano, not only your contractors can submit invoices, but you can also upload an invoice that you’ve received via email or mail yourself. This is especially useful in case you wish to keep all your invoices accessible in Lano and complete your payment through our platform.

Importing invoices

Step 1: To create a new invoice in Lano, go to Invoices in your menu and click on "Add invoice" in the top right corner.

Step 2: Choose your partner that has invoiced you as well as the invoice recipient, then upload an invoice that you’ve received via email as a PDF file.

Please note: If the partner is not yet a member of your Lano network, you must add their profile first.

Step 3: Add all necessary invoice details to the required fields. Information that can be found in your partner's profile will automatically be added.

You can manually change the invoice and bank details as well as the billing address if necessary.

If the invoice tasks have not been created yet, you can add them in the invoice details section. Simply click "Add position" at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: In the last step, you must check if the details provided in the PDF match the data you entered or that has automatically been added from our system.

By clicking "Back", you can edit the invoice. If everything is correct, click "Create" to add the invoice.

Step 4: After your invoice has been created, you must complete a short plausibility check. Once it is completed, you can then approve the invoice and initiate a payment.

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