Okta is an easy-to-implement, adaptable authentication and authorization platform. Okta’s single sign-on allows users to simply log in once to one application and then use all applications they have been granted access to.

Activating Okta

Step 1: To activate the integration, go to Integrations and change the Okta slider to Active.

Step 2: Now, all you have to do is log in to your Okta account to finalize the integration.

Step 3: With the Okta integration enabled, you will not need to log in to your Lano account every time you enter the platform, this will be automatically done via Okta.

Learn more about Okta.

Please note: This integration can be personalized based on your company’s needs. For more information on the Okta integration and its setup, please feel free to contact us via support@lano.io.

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