WIth Lano, you can create your own job listings allowing potential candidates to apply directly to the published positions. You can request the documents needed for you to make a decision, check out the applications directly from Lano, invite successful candidates to your network and assign tasks to them.

This article will cover:

  • Designing your job portal

  • Creating a new job offer

  • Checking applications for open jobs

Designing your job portal

Step 1: First, make sure that Job Listings is active in your Settings > My Network > General.

Step 2: Before publishing your job offer, select Settings > Job Listings in your menu to change the design of your company's job portal.

Step 3: You can change the design of the following elements:

1. Header

  • Add a cover picture or choose a color

  • Add your company's logo

  • Add a header text

2. Bulletin for job offers

  • Add a description (optional)

  • Choose the color of buttons

3. Footer

  • Choose a color

  • Optionally add links (e.g. to a company website)

Step 4: Click Save to secure the changes to the design. You can always update and edit the design.

Step 5: To have a look at your portal, simply click on the provided link at the top of your preview.

Please note: Instead of "example", your link will include the name of your company.

Creating a new job offer

You can add jobs you wish to hire talent for and publish your own job offer in your job portal so that candidates can apply.

Step 1: To add a new job offer, go to My Network > Job Listings and click the "Add Job Listing" button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Add all necessary details for your job offer:

  • Name: Which job are you hiring for?

  • Description: What does this job entail and what type of skills should the perfect candidate have?

  • Language: Choose the language your job offer should be published in.

Your applicant will need to complete those mandatory fields:

  • Name of the applicant

  • E-mail address and phone number

  • Optionally a text field can be added in case the applicant wants to send you a message

Step 3: You can optionally add further elements to your job offer if you want to describe the position in more detail or ask for additional information from the applicants. Simply click the button "Add Field" and choose the element you would like to add.

You can choose from these elements:

  • Text field: Ask a question that the applicant can reply to by completing the text field.

  • Yes/No field: Ask a question the applicant must answer with yes or no.

  • Dropdown field: The applicant can choose one answer from a provided list of answers.

  • Multiple choice list: The applicant can choose one or more answers from a provided list of answers.

  • File upload: The partner can upload a document (e.g. CV or work samples).

  • Helper text: You can add more information about certain elements of your application form.

  • Formatted text: Add a text to your template (similar to helper text) and use different formatting options.

  • Date field: Include a date field in your template (e.g. desired starting date).

  • Tags field: Add different tags from your tag library for the applicant to choose from. You could use this element to ask for specific skills or preferred locations.

Please note: The elements for creating a job offer or an application form are the same as for a template. You can find all elements here.

Step 4: After you have finished creating a job offer, you can have a look at the draft.

Step 5: You can either save the job offer as a draft or publish it in your job listings.

Checking applications for open jobs

All applications for open jobs can be consulted directly through Lano. You can check them and invite candidates that are a great fit for your network.

Step 1: To see an overview of all your job postings as well as received applications, go to My network > Job Listings.

Step 2: You can see the current status of every job offer (draft, published, deactivated) and check how many people have viewed your offer (violet), applied (yellow), have already been invited to your network (green), or have been rejected (red).

Step 3: The creator of the job offer will get notified via e-mail every time an application has been received. To look at the applications, click on the job offer.

  • In the tab applications, you can find all applicants as well as their name, e-mail address, and the date of their application.

  • In the tab responses, you can see the information the candidates provided in your application form as well as potentially received documents.

Step 4: If you have checked an application, you can either invite the applicant to your network or reject the application.

Note: Inviting the applicant to your network does not necessarily mean that you will assign them to the posted job offer. To assign a task to the new partner, you can create a task later on and send them a task request.

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