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To pay your partners using Lano, go to Payments > Start and activate your preferred payment solution.

As soon as you have connected your bank account or opened your own digital Lano wallet, you can start paying the invoices.

Paying via Lano

Step 1: Click on “Payments” in the menu. You will now see a list of approved invoices. Select whether you want to pay using your bank account or your Lano wallet.

Step 2: Depending on your payment solution choice, the corresponding approved invoices will be shown. Check the ones you wish to pay and click on the payment icon in the top right corner of the green bar.

Please note: If you want to pay a single invoice, you can either select one invoice in the “Payments” tab or go to the “Invoices” section and open the needed invoice. If both payment solutions are activated (Lano wallet and bank account), you will be able to select one of them to finalize your EUR invoice. If it is not a EUR invoice, then Lano wallet will be selected automatically.

Step 3:Pay” will lead you to an overview page where you can see the partner’s name, his bank details and an amount to be paid.

  • For payment via bank account, you may select the account you would like to use if more than one are connected.

Step 4: Click on "Pay" in the bottom left to finalize. After that, the invoice will automatically be marked as paid.

Please note: For a SEPA payment, you will be asked to approve the payment by inserting the corresponding TAN.

Marking as paid

If you don't pay an invoice using Lano, you can go to the “Invoices” section, select an invoice and click "Mark as paid". Your partner will get a notification that you have initiated a payment.

Payment status

You can see an overview of your invoices and their current payment status under the Payments tab.

  • NEW = Payment can be made

  • SUBMITTED = Payment is pending

  • PAID = Payment was successful

  • FAILED = Payment was not successful

We will contact you in case your payment was not successful.

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