In order to make the most of your Lano account, you need to complete your profile information and ensure your details are always up to date.

Click on your profile picture next to your name in the top right corner and choose "Edit Profile".


It is easier for your clients to find you if you add a profile picture to your account. Simply click on the avatar in your profile and upload a picture. You can also edit your e-mail, name, preferred language, your password, and choose your preferred date format.


You can add more information about yourself in the tab "General".

Account type

Specify if your account is for a freelancer or a company.

Personal information

You have already added your phone number as well as your date of birth upon your registration. You can change those details here, if you need. If you select the checkbox, clients can invite you to work on tasks via text message.

About me

In this section, you can add a few lines about yourself, e.g. describing your professional qualifications and your previous work experience. Select "Use default setting for all clients" if you want your text to be visible for all your clients.

If you want to have different profiles for different clients, you can set these specific settings directly in your client's profiles.


Add different skills or special areas of expertise. This will make it easier for your clients to find and add you to their network.

Work experience

You can also add previous work experience to your profile. This is accessable for your clients, if you directly work with them in Lano.


This is where you can add or change your address. It's best to use the address you want to be displayed on your invoices.

Social Media

You can optionally add your social media accounts and/or website to your profile by clicking on the middle tab "Social Media".

This allows your clients to connect with you outside of Lano and to access even more detailed information about your work, e.g. in your digital portfolio or CV.


You can individually select what type of notification you wish to receive for which action. Choose between being notified by e-mail or directly in your Lano account. Simply check the boxes, to choose a type of notification.

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