You can find your timesheets by going to Dashboard > Timesheets.

Click "Add timesheet" to create a new one.

You can name your new timsheet, select an individual currency for it, optionally allocate a budget, and describe the task you want to create the timesheet for.

Click "Create" in the bottom left corner to save your new timesheet.

Adding positions to your timesheet

Once you have created a timesheet, you can add positions to it. Select the timesheet and click on "Add position" in the upper right corner.

Name the position, indicate the processing period and your fee. Finally click on "Create" to save the position and add it to the timesheet.

Note: Timesheet positions can no longer be deleted if you have already invoiced them or if your client has already approved them.

Learn how to send timesheets to your clients for approval.

Learn how to turn a timesheet into an invoice.

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