You can access your tasks by going to Dashboard > Tasks.

You can see:

  • The status of the task
  • Who created the task
  • The duration of the task
  • The project this task is part of
  • The rate for this task (hourly, daily etc.)

The status of your tasks

You can keep your clients informed about the progress of your tasks by updating their status. Your client receives a notification every time you change the status.

Your clients can also change the status of tasks. You will get a notification when this happens.

Tasks can have seven different status:

  1. A client has assigned a task to you or you have created your own task.

2. You started working on a task.

3. You finished a task and sent it to your client for approval.

4. Your client approved the task.

5. You or your client canceled the task.

6. Your client blocked this task, e.g. due to changes within the task itself.

7. The task is finished. You can set a task to completed when you received your payment.

More information:

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