If a client invites you to work together on Lano and assigned a task to you on our platform, you can automatically create an invoice for that task, as soon as your client approved it.

All necessary information is taken from your invoicing profile and the task description. This includes:

  • Invoice ID (you can generate an invoice ID or manually add a number)
  • Invoice date
  • Your address and the invoicing address
  • Your bank details
  • The task name(s) or the invoiced service(s)
  • Your tax number and your VAT ID (if applicable)
  • The tax rate
  • The invoicing amount

To create an invoice, go to Dashboard > Invoices and click on "Add Invoice" in the top right corner.

Three steps to your invoice

1. Choose your invoice type

Choose the client you want to invoice and then select task assignment as your invoice type.

Click "Next" in the bottom left corner.

2. Add invoice details

You can see all your approved tasks in a list view. By checking the box next to the task, you can select it to include it in the invoice.

You also have to add your invoice ID. You can either add your own invoice ID or automatically generate one in our platform. Then, add your invoice date, an optional text, and the tax rate for your invoice.

Under file type, you have the choice between automatically generating your invoice or uploading an invoice from your computer.

The preview below shows you what your invoice looks like.

Click "Next" one more time when you added all the details.

3. Check your invoice and submit it to your client

In the last stage of the process, you can see your final invoice. Check if everything is correct and then choose between saving it as a draft or directly submitting it to your client.

Your client will be notified when you hand in a new invoice. You can check on the current status of your invoice by going to your invoice overview and clicking on the invoice in question.

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