To turn a timesheet into an invoice, go to Dashboard > Timesheets, select a timesheet, and click "Create invoice".

Select all the task you want to include in your invoice and add your invoice ID. You can also automatically generate an invoice ID.

Click "Next" to continue.

If your client has a Lano account, you can now submit it the invoice directly to your client.

Sending an invoice via e-mail

If your client is not yet registered on Lano, you can "Complete" the invoice and then send it via e-mail.

You can now choose between printing the invoice or sending it via e-mail to your client.

Click on "Send E-Mail" and choose the invoice recipient*. You can also add an optional text.

*If you have not yet created an invoice recipient, you will have to do so before sending your invoice. Go to your client's profile to add an invoice recipient.

Click "Send" to finalize your invoice.

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