To create a quick invoice, go to Dashboard > Invoices and click on "Quick Invoice".

Now you can add all relevant details to our invoicing template.

Your personal information (address, phone number, tax number etc.) is automatically taken from your profile and your invoicing settings. You can change these details, if they are outdated.

The elements of the invoice template

1. Client information

In the top left corner, you can click "Add client" and add your client's details.

2. Invoice ID and invoice date

Add an individual invoice ID and the date of the invoice.

3. Introduction text

If you want, you can add an introduction text to your invoice.

4. Add position(s)

Add the tasks you want to invoice. Add the task name, the duration, and the fee of the task.

5. Tax rate

Choose the right tax rate from the drop down list.

6. Payment terms

If you do not want to use the legal payment terms, you can add your own payment terms to your invoice.

7. Concluding text

If you want, you can add a concluding text to your invoice.

Click "Submit" in the bottom left corner to send your invoice to your client.

Your client will be notified when you hand in a new invoice. You can check on the current status of your invoice by going to your invoice overview and clicking on the invoice in question.

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