Set your standardized project status/milestones to track the progress of your projects.

Setting project milestones

Step1: Go to Settings > Projects and Tasks and choose the tab Project Flow.

Step 2: Click Edit in the top right corner to determine the new status.

Step 3: Enter the name of your new status and choose a color for it. The name of the status can have a maximum of 50 characters.

Please note: The minimum status number is 2 and the maximum number is 15.

Step 4: If you want to create an additional status, click Add Status at the bottom.

Step 5: When you are finished, click Save in the left bottom corner to update your changes.

Step 6: You will now see your newly defined project status in the overview of your project flow.

Tracking your project progress

Select Projects in your menu tab. This will show you an overview of your projects. You can see the status of each project to understand what milestones have been completed and what stage the project is currently at.

Moving on to the next project milestone

Step1: To change the project’s status you can simply click on the arrow on the right side of the project milestone and select the status that you need.

Step 2: The project flow and completed milestones will also be seen by clicking on a certain project.

Step 3: To complete one milestone and move on to the next, you can click Proceed in the top right corner.

Approval for milestones in projects

Additionally, you can include approvals for every milestone in your projects. The project can then only be moved to the next step by having the approval of a responsible team member.

Step 1: To include approvals in your projects, go to Settings > Projects and tasks > General, click Edit and choose the option „Allow users to add a status approval in the project flow".

Step 2: Go to Settings > Projects and tasks > Project Flow to choose if every member of a project team can change the project's status or if they need approval from a certain team member.

Step 3: If you choose the approval option, you can additionally enable the status only for projects with specific budgets. If the project exceeds a set budget, it now has to be approved by a responsible team member before it can proceed.

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