With Lano’s sample contracts that are created automatically from your account data, you can automate the contract creation process. Once you have completed selecting the variables you would like to appear in your contract, you can quickly send it to your contractor through the Lano platform and request a digital signature. Signed contracts will be stored in Lano and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Sending a document

Step 1: Go to Compliance, click on "Send" in the top right corner and choose the Send contract option.

Step 2: Fill in the general information such as the contract name, select the scope of work and add the scope description.

Please note: The scope description you enter here is used in the Statement of Work placeholder "Given Document/Scope of Work" in our sample Contractor Services Agreement and any other contracts where this placeholder is used.

Step 3: To use Lano’s contract templates, select "Choose contract" to see the variety of sample contracts. Then choose the template you would like to use. You can also upload your own contract created outside Lano by selecting "Upload contract".

Step 4: Now you will need to select how your partner will sign the contract (Checkbox Approval, DocuSign, AdobeSign) and optionally set an expiration date for the contract.

Step 5: Select the receivers that will need to sign the contract.

Step 6: Review the details and send the contract to your partner. Once your partner signs and submits the document, you will be able to access the contract from the sending overview page under Compliance.

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