You can ask your partners to upload documents you need to legally employ freelancers. Those documents will be stored in Lano and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

The following documents can be requested in Lano:

  • Passport or national ID

  • Proof of registration with tax authorities

  • Proof of registration with social security authorities

  • Company's certificate

Asking for a document

Step 1: Go to Compliance, click on "Send" in the top right corner and choose the Request documents option.

Step 2: Add a name, choose the scope of work, and an optional description of your request.

Step 3: Choose the documents that you would like to request.

Step 4: Choose one or more recipients of your request.

Step 5: Review the details and send the document request to your partner. Once your partner submits the required documents, you will be able to access their files from the sending overview page under Compliance.

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