Lano offers two ways of paying your partners:

Lano wallet

Create a multicurrency wallet to make one-click bulk payments in over 30 currencies.

How it works:

Step 1: Complete the KYB verification process to create a digital wallet that you can manage directly on the platform.

Step 2: Top up your digital wallet in the currencies of your choice.

Step 3: Pay your partners in their local currencies either through local payments or SWIFT payments.

Please note: If payments in local currencies are not supported or the destination country is not covered by Lano, the transaction will be automatically processed via SWIFT.

Bank account

Connect your bank account to Lano to conveniently process SEPA payments and keep track of all your expenses.

Please note: Currently, this solution is only possible for customers with certain German banks.

To enable this payment solution, you need to connect a German bank account and finish the steps described below.

How it works:

Step 1: Enter your contact and bank details, followed by a brief verification to connect your bank account to Lano.

Step 2: Authorize an invoice for payment in Lano via TAN confirmation.

Step 3: Your bank sends the payment to your partner within SEPA.

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