You can create templates that can be repeatedly used for your future projects. This is especially useful for recurring projects.

Build a template

Step 1: Go to Settings > Projects and Tasks > Project Templates or Task Templates to create a template that will be further used to provide uniformity across your projects. You will see an overview of the templates that were previously created by you and your team members, click on "Add" in the upper right corner to create a new project template.

Step 2: Name your template and tick the box at the bottom if you want this template to be mandatory for all future projects to make sure that the necessary information is always saved on the project level.

Step 3: Click on "Add Field" to select the elements you want to add to your project template.

Elements of the project/task templates

1. Text area

Include text to your project/task template.

Example: Responsible team member.

2. Yes/No field

Ask a question that must be answered with "Yes" or "No".

Example: Legal involvement required?

3. Dropdown field

Choose one answer from a provided list of answers.

Example: Project/task type.

4. Multiple choice field

Choose one or more answers from a provided list of answers.

Example: Project/task goals.

5. File upload field

Upload a document.

Example: Project/task description materials.

6. Helper text

Include additional information for a template element of your choice.

Example: Guide for filling out a questionnaire etc.

7. Formatted text

Include a text to your template (similar to the helper text) and use different formatting options.

Example: Formatted guide for filling out a questionnaire etc.

8. Date field

Include a date field in your template.

Example: Add a project/task deadline.

9. Webhook

Send real-time data from one application to another whenever a given event occurs.

Example: Send the project/task details to your management application.

Please note: You can turn individual elements of your project/task template into mandatory fields, meaning it will be mandatory to complete this specific element before being able to move on. If the slider for "Mandatory" is not active, the project/task could potentially be finalized without filling in all the elements.

Project/task template example

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