What is Lano?
Learn more about our solutions for building and managing your international team.
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Lano is a platform that offers all the necessary tools for successful collaboration between you and your contractors. With Lano, companies can hire globally, automate the onboarding process, bypass compliance risks, streamline invoice processing, and save time and resources.

Lano solutions

Achieve significant efficiency gains and reduce your workload with our solutions.

Contractor Management solution

The standard offer includes Payments and Compliance solutions and enables:

  • Talent pool

  • Applicant tracking

  • Tasks management

  • Compliance

  • Invoice management

  • Global payments

Please note: We offer three trial compliance sendings and three invoices free of charge. You will need to upgrade your account to enable the Control and Intelligence modules.

Upgrading your account

With Lano, you can personalize the platform by adding the Control and Intelligence solutions depending on your company’s needs and expectations. You can easily add new features by clicking on “Upgrade your account” in the bottom left corner of the Lano platform.

Global Employment solution

Lano’s Global Employment solution allows you to hire the best talents full-time around the world without having to set up a legal entity, saving you a lot of time and resources. Let the Employer of Record become the legal employer for your full-time employees while you retain their day-to-day activity.

Payroll solution (coming soon)

With Lano's Payroll solution, companies will be able to consolidate all foreign entities' payroll data in one platform. Either by integrating the existing providers or by leveraging Lano's network of in-country providers, Lano simplifies the aggregation of data in one platform and enables companies to pay global employees and payroll providers in more than 100 countries and 50 currencies, thanks to the integrated digital wallet.

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