You can request a quote for hiring a full-time employee from abroad directly through Lano’s platform. An automatically estimated quote will be generated based on the entered information before you submit your request.

Requesting your first quote for a full-time employee

Step 1: To view information about your international hires, select Global Employment from the menu in the upper left corner.

You will be redirected to the page where you can see the next simple steps you need to complete in order to receive your first quote.

Step 2: To get a quote for an international candidate you aim to hire, click on “get a quote”. On the page, you will see four fields to fill out: the country you want to hire in, the employee’s position details, additional information such as non-statutory benefits, and compensation.

Step 3: Select a country of origin of the candidate you want to hire from the list of countries.

Step 4: Enter the employee’s expected job title, choose the employment type, desired start date, and add a job description.

Step 5: Indicate if your employee will receive any non-statutory benefits.

Step 6: Select the currency in which you want to pay your employee and add the expected monthly gross salary.

Please note: At the moment you can only select EUR, USD or GBP.

Step 7: Before requesting a quote from Lano, you can already see an automatically generated quote estimation that will give you an idea of what the final amount you will need to pay for your full-time employee may be.

Please note: The automatically calculated quote is not final and may vary.

Step 8: Once you entered all the necessary details, click on "Request a quote" to submit your request and receive our quote proposal. We will get back to you with our proposal in under 24 hours.

Step 9: The status of your request and the quote for your employees will be displayed in the Global Employment section. If you are happy with the confirmed quote, our sales team will guide you through the next steps and set up a contract.

Step 10: From the Global Employment page, you will always be able to see a list of employees for whom you have requested a quote in the past and those who have been onboarded. You can also see all the necessary details such as your workers’ job titles, countries of origin, desired start dates, monthly gross salaries, and quotes.

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