With Lano, you can send contracts and request your partners to digitally sign them, request documents to legally employ a freelancer, and send forms or questionnaires - all in order to automate your collaboration with your partners. All those compliance sendings will be stored in Lano under Compliance or in the partner profiles and can be accessed whenever is needed. Moreover, our filters will help you find the right document in a matter of seconds.

Send three types of compliance sendings:

Sending contracts

You can send contracts such as NDAs and Contractor Agreements directly through Lano and access them anywhere at any time. Those documents can be sent out in a couple of clicks with our sample contracts.

Learn more about sample contracts.

Learn how to send contracts to your partners.

Requesting documents

You can request documents from your partner that are needed to legally employ a freelancer.

Learn what documents you can request and how to do that.

Sending forms

You can build forms in order to collect certain information needed for further collaboration with a freelancer. Forms can include contracts, questionnaires, or checklists and are especially useful during the onboarding and task request phases.

Learn about the form’s elements and how to create and send it to your partner.

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