AutoSchedule allows you to bulk schedule your posts by just dragging and dropping your media on to the Later content calendar. Yes, that means you can schedule 10, 20, or even 50 posts in only a few seconds!

Important: AutoSchedule does not mean automatically posting to Instagram. AutoSchedule means being able to schedule multiple posts at once by creating a weekly recurring schedule from your content calendar. You are still required to post manually to Instagram, but Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter will auto-post. 

How Does Autoscheduling Work?

With AutoSchedule, you create a weekly time slot to publish content - then you can simply drag and drop media onto your calendar, and Later will populate your next available time slot with your media content!

  • The assigned timeslots recur weekly
  • AutoScheduling is only available for Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.
  • Only one post can be scheduled in a single time slot
  • Timeslots can be moved around the calendar, but changes will be reflected in the following weeks
  • You can use your Visual Instagram Planner to AutoSchedule your Instagram posts. Learn more.

Step 1: Create Your Weekly Schedule

On Later on the Web, go to your content calendar.

Double click on the time slot you’d like to add to your schedule as an ideal time to post. Drag the time slot to adjust the time down to the minute.

Note: You can only create an AutoSchedule time slot for one profile at a time, so make sure you only have one profile selected at the top of your calendar!

Tip: Don't know when to set your AutoSchedule time slots? Check out our Best Time to Post feature! 

Step 2: AutoSchedule Your Posts

Now that you’ve created your ideal schedule, begin AutoScheduling your posts for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

To schedule your posts, select the photos in the order you would like to schedule them.

Once you’ve selected all of your photos, click Auto Schedule to automatically schedule all of your posts.

Tip: Use your Visual Instagram Planner (previously called Grid Preview) to AutoSchedule your Instagram posts. Simply click Preview, select the photos you wish to schedule, rearrange the look of your feed and save the changes to AutoSchedule your posts.

Finally make sure to go back into each post to add your captions.  

Tip: Save time writing out your captions by using Media Notes to draft your messaging. The notes will be automatically copied over to your caption field when the photo is scheduled. 

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