On no! a member of your team has accidently deleted the wrong submission or you actually decide you need that piece of data... dont worry, Launchcloud has you covered. Being able to retrieve deleted data is something we feel is necessary when your whole team has access to your account, anything can happen by accident. Deleted data goes into a separate recycling bin within Launchcloud allowing you to access it for 30 days from the day of deletion, thereafter data will be completely removed from Launchcloud and will no longer be retrievable.

Here is how to see your deleted data.

View Deleted Data

First to show all soft-deleted data start by using filters to show deleted data

Scroll down in filters to ‘Show Trash’

Select ‘Yes’

and all deleted data will then appear in this format…

You will see deleted files just like you do the forms that are active in your account although the information bar itself is displayed differently. You will see a preview of the deleted file along with all data regarding where it was stored and how many submissions were completed on that form. You will see over on the far right of the Information Bar there is also data on when it was deleted date and time. If you want to restore this data you can simply select the submission and click restore that appears at the bottom of the page. This will put the submission back into where it was originally and all data will be included within your reports.

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