Browsing for Jobs & Internships (Postings)

  • Each time you log in to your LaunchPath account or complete an action, you will be taken to the Postings page. You can also access this page at any time by selecting Postings from the Jobs and Internships left-hand menu.
  • The system automatically displays all postings in any location, but if you want to stay close to home you can adjust this by using the Search radius dropdown menu.

Search Radius

Keep in mind that the search radius selector is using the zip code you provided in the My Profile page. If you have moved or want to look for opportunities in a new location, you can change the address associated with your search on that page.

  • Your postings will be listed in order by match score, in the Match % column. This number corresponds with how well the position matches with your skills and experience. However, you are welcome to apply to any position that interests you, even if the match score is low. You can use the application as an opportunity to let the employer know why you are a good match, even though the numerical score might indicate otherwise.
  • Click on the column headers to sort the results in a different order. If you want to see jobs first, click on the Type column. You can click on the Employer or Location column to sort the postings by these attributes, or click on the Compensation column to see only paid or only unpaid positions.
  • If you see a posting that interests you, click on the title to learn more and apply.

Applying to a Job or Internship Posting

  • Clicking on a posting title will take you to the Details page, which contains details like pay rate, hours required, dates, deadlines, activities involved, a detailed description, address, and more.
  • Under Organization Information, you can click the link to visit the Organization website if you would like to learn more about the organization.
  • If you want to apply, type or paste your cover letter into the box in the Apply to this Position section. Click Submit and your application will be sent to the employer. The employer will automatically be able to view your profile and download your resume, if you have uploaded one.

Uploading a Resume

Making your resume available for the employer will increase your chances at being offered a position. You can do this from the Resume Upload page.

  • If you want to see what other postings are available from this employer or organization, these will be listed at the very bottom of the page if they are available.
  • Next, the employer will review your profile and resume and if they are interested will either ask to schedule an interview or offer you the position.
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