Your student profile is like an online resume, allowing you to showcase experiences you've had, talk about skills you've learned, and let potential employers know the types of activities you are interested in. Some of the information in your profile is also used to help match you with positions, helping you to see which job or internship opportunities are best suited to your interests and abilities. 

Required Sections

The following sections are required in order to complete your profile. You will be asked to fill out these sections after you finish the initial registration screen in order to continue with browsing and applying to positions. 

Student profile basics

This first section of your profile includes basic demographic and contact information. Additional sections include software skills, transportation options, other languages you know, job or internship availability, and posting types you want to see.

Activity preferences

Select the types of activities you are most interested in participating in at a job or internship (these will factor into your match score). You can also specify which industry sector best aligns with your goals.

Learning opportunities

This quick ranking exercise allows you to prioritize which skills you hope to gain from a job or internship experience. These answers won't be visible to employers but do help refine your match score.

Optional Sections

The sections below are not required, but completing them has many advantages. A completed profile helps boost your chances at being offered a job or internship position and lets employers know more about your background. Completing your profile will also help the accuracy of your match score for positions, ensuring that the jobs and internships you apply to are at the right level and will be most helpful to you.

About me

Highlight skills and experiences that aren't captured in formal resumes or other sections of this profile. This section is an open space to talk about your coursework, career aspirations, interests, and more.

Resume upload

Upload your resume once and it will be available to all employers and attached to all the positions you apply to. This streamlines your job/internship search and provides an opportunity to easily showcase your prior experience.

Work style

This 10-item ranking exercise allows you to prioritize your strengths within a job or internship, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and more. This exercise factors into your match score but the results aren't visible to employers.


LaunchPath allows you to showcase both formal work experience like other jobs and internships as well as sharing skills you've learned through activities like clubs, classes, or hobbies.

Work readiness check

Test your knowledge about working in a professional environment! This 11-question quiz is quick to complete and getting a good score can boost your match score. You can take the quiz as many times as you need to get 100%.

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