Supported Systems & Requirements for Laurel

Ensuring Laurel can operate in your environment.

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Laurel automates timekeeping. Our desktop and cloud assistants work silently in the background, collecting your activity across a range of applications, systems, websites and devices while timekeeping activity is completed in our online web application.

Here are the technology and applications you’ll need to make the most of Laurel.

User Operating Systems & Environments

Laurel has assistants that are installed locally on a timekeeper's computer (using Microsoft .msix installers).

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 11

    • Requires .Net Framework 4.7.2+

  • Users on Unix or Macintosh Operating Systems will be able to use Laurel online in a supported web browser without a Laurel Desktop Assistant installed.

  • Note: We can't guarantee smooth integration for Windows Enterprise and Windows Server

User Hardware Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: Multi-Core x64 Processor

  • Memory: 8GB+ RAM

  • Storage: 100GB+ HDD (SSD preferred)

  • Resolution: 1280x1024 or higher (for browser application viewing)

User Productivity Applications for Collection

Activity in the following applications can be collected by Laurel Desktop Assistants when installed and used locally on the desktop. Online versions can be captured using Browser & URL collection, but may not work in certain configurations.

  • Microsoft Word 2016, 2019, 0365

  • Microsoft Excel 2016, 2019, 0365

  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2016, 2019, 0365

  • Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2019, 0365

User Browsers & URLs

Laurel Desktop Assistants can help capture your online research for whitelisted URLs from your browser to capture more of your activity for timekeeping and billing purposes.

Optimized browsers

  • Google Chrome v78.0+

  • Microsoft Edge Chromium v89+

Other supported browsers

  • Microsoft Edge Legacy v79+

User Communications Systems & Applications

Laurel Cloud Assistants can help capture phone calls by integrating with your telecommunications vendors to automatically capture phone calls and participants for timekeeping and billing purposes.

  • Microsoft Teams

    • Requires setup and access to MSFT services

  • Zoom

    • Requires setup and access to Zoom services

Firm-level System Support

Practice Management Systems

Laurel Connect effectively and securely exchanges master billing and timekeeping data between Laurel and a Firm. Our Laurel Connectors support specific integrations:

  • Aderant

  • Elite Enterprise

  • Elite 3E

  • Prolaw

  • Practice Engine

We also support most other billing systems through our API connection or flat file CSV import/export process.

Laurel General Support

Language Support

  • English

  • Unicode


  • We will localize a limited number of time concepts to match your business.

    • ie. Initiative → Matter or Project


Laurel can store data in the following AWS regions and selected on a per customer basis. Performance and data restrictions of the application will vary based on selection.

  • North America

    • us-east-1 / USA East (N. Virginia)

    • ca-central-1 / CAN Central (Montreal)

  • Europe

    • eu-west-2 / UK (London)

  • Australia

    • ap-southeast-2 / AUS (Sydney)

Master Billing Support

Laurel supports the following Master Billing concepts and settings in the application.

  • Clients

  • Initiatives

    • Active or Non-active

    • Billable or non-billable

    • Pending

  • Increments

    • 0.01 - 0.99

  • Time Taxonomies

    • Phase and Task Codes

    • Action Codes

    • Activity Codes

    • User-defined fields your firm might require

  • Work Location

    • Location Codes

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