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NZ and AU ONLY: Appointment of Receivers and Managers.
NZ and AU ONLY: Appointment of Receivers and Managers.

This is an important update regarding the New Zealand business.

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Receivers and Managers appointed to:

  • Laybuy Group Holdings Limited

  • Laybuy Holdings Limited

  • Laybuy Australia Pty Limited

(collectively the Companies)

The above Companies were placed into Receivership on 17 June. David Webb and Robert Campbell of Deloitte New Zealand have been appointed Receivers and Managers over Laybuy Group Holdings Limited and Laybuy Holdings Limited. Glen Kanevsky and Jason Tracy of Deloitte Australia have also been appointed over Laybuy

Australia Pty Limited.

The UK-based entities and certain other entities in the Laybuy Group are not in receivership.

Laybuy services will continue to remain unavailable until further notice. This means:

  • You won’t be able to sign up to Laybuy

  • You won't be able to make a new purchase with Laybuy

  • You can update your payment card details

  • You will still be able to make manual repayments

  • You will still be able to log into your account on the app

  • You will not be able to reopen a closed account

  • We will still charge your default payment card when an instalment is due

  • Missing payments will still incur late fees

  • Payments more than 42 days in arrears may be referred to a debt collection agency

  • We will not be able to unsuspend your account

  • We are currently assessing the situation with respect to refunds.

There might be temporary interruptions to some systems or we might need to go offline for a short period of time.

We appreciate the receivership of the Companies will be frustrating and the Receivers are rapidly assessing the options that may be available.

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