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How long will it take to get my answer?
How long will it take to get my answer?
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Our Support team has a 6-hour Service-Level Agreement (SLA). This means that we guarantee an initial response time of less than 6 hours for all requests during regular business hours (9am-5pm CST, Mon-Fri). However, we also provide support outside of regular business hours for high-severity issues and will still answer requests as quickly as possible.

We prioritize support requests with the following severity levels:

  • Severity 1 - critical issue. You cannot use our software due to a deficiency in our system which is blocking regular business operations. For example, our servers experience an outage preventing you from capturing and saving leads at a live event with no possible workaround. We will use all available support resources until the issue is resolved. We monitor for Severity 1 issues outside of our standard support hours.

  • Severity 2 - urgent issue. A deficiency in our system is severely impacting your ability to use our software. For example, you receive an error when trying to export your leads and cannot export them for post-event follow up. Support will prioritize the issue and provide a fix as soon as possible. However, may also give a reasonable workaround in the meantime. In the example above, they might perform an export for you while they fix the error. If a workaround is available, the issue is automatically downgraded to Severity 3.

  • Severity 3 - major issue. A deficiency in our system needs to be addressed, but a reasonable workaround is available. For example, a user is unable to install the app on a device that should be supported, but they are able to borrow or use another device. Support's goal is to address Severity 3 issues within 30 days of the initial support, or at an agreed-upon reasonable time frame.

  • Severity 4 - trivial issue. A deficiency in our system has no business impact. For example, the background image of your form is not resizing properly on larger devices. We review this issues as a part of our normal development cycle and will inform you when and if any changes are made.

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