To publish a landing page do the following:

  • Click the gear at the top of the page:

In the Settings popup, configure your page accordingly:

  • Name: Internal name of your page. 

  • Vanity URL: CNAME that you've configured to use for your landing pages. Learn more about Vanity URLs here

  • Vanity Name: The name of your page. 

  • Page URL: How your final landing page URL will be constructed. The landing page URL is a combination of your Vanity URL followed by your Vanity Name. 

  • Campaign: Lead Liaison Campaign. A Campaign touch will be recorded every time a prospect visits your landing page. 

  • Description: Any description for your page. 

  • Once you click Save a green Publish button appears at the top. Click the Publish button to make your landing page live on the internet!

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