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How can I setup a Subdomain for Landing Pages Hosted by Lead Liaison?
How can I setup a Subdomain for Landing Pages Hosted by Lead Liaison?

Learn how to associate a subdomain with landing pages hosted on Lead Liaison

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Please Note: All graphics below are illustrative. You will have a unique CNAME and/or @Record, which can be accessed through Administration > Domain Names > Configuration.

In order to associate a subdomain with landing pages hosted on Lead Liaison complete the following steps:

1. Click Administration in the upper right-hand corner, then click Domain Names on the left-hand menu and click the Configuration tab next to the instructions tab.

2. Add a Subdomain under the "Manage Subdomains" section. Enter your desired subdomain name in the blank box then click the + button to add a subdomain. For example, you might enter if that is a subdomain you wish to use.

3. Do not select a Primary Domain at this point. It will need to be selected at the very end of this process, but we need to do a bit more configuration first.

4. Provide your domain provider (i.e., with the DNS information under the "DNS Settings" section. Your C Name Record is the string of words on the second line next to "CNAME".

Open up your web browser and go to the site where you purchased your domain (i.e., Login and navigate to an area where you can change the settings on the domain names you have purchased. For example, in, in the "Domain Manager" click the name of the domain you want to edit. Then click "Launch" at the bottom of the "DNS Manager" section. Note: Do not update the "MX" or email settings in your DNS controls. Lead Liaison does not use the MX record. Updating the MX record can interrupt your email delivery.

In the C Name Record area, you want to add a new C Name Record. Clicking "Add New CNAME Record". The CNAME section should look something like this:

Use your desired prefix for your subdomain in the first box under the first column, called "Host". The prefix is the value that will precede your domain name in the URL. For example, the format will be In the second box under the second column called "Points to" enter the CNAME. Your entry will look something like this:

5. Finalize the process by going to the "Configuration" tab and adding your new subdomain by selecting it in the dropdown menu under the "Primary Domain" section. You have now identified your subdomain as the primary address for your Lead Liaisonlanding pages.

You're done! The process could take up to 48 hours to complete. Check to see if your changes have finished transferring by typing into your browser window and see if the right content comes up. If it's been longer than 48 hours and you still aren't seeing your content contact Lead Liaison Support.

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