Filters for lists within Manager are, in essence, what help the Leadsius system execute certain actions.

By utilizing filters you’re able to define certain criteria that you’d like your lists to be built upon. Think of filters as a highly advanced way of sorting your contacts.

Filters are the foundation of segmentation as a filter allows you to narrow down exactly who your next marketing activity will be aimed towards.

For example, a software company wouldn’t want a promotional offer meant to be aimed towards free account registrants to go out to current paying clients. The same goes for sending a follow-up email to attendees of a recent event you held; you wouldn’t want to accidentally send this follow-up to people who didn’t attend.

Filters ensure that these kinds of errors don’t occur and allow you to increase the relevance of the dialogue taking place between people and your brand.

To set filters for a Smart list…

First click Manager > Lists and select the list you’d like to work with. If you’re starting from scratch, click here for more on creating a list and then come back to this section for creating your filters.


Select the radio button that says, “Yes, make a smart list” 

A drop down menu will appear, allowing you to begin defining your filters 

When selecting filters, you will be given the option to select from a wide range of criteria falling under the following sections: contact, company or activities.

If, for example, you wanted to create a smart list that is always adding contacts from the United States to itself, this is how it would appear: 

If, for example, you wanted to create a smart list that contains all of the people who’ve registered for a free account (something useful for a software company like ourselves) over time, this is how it would appear:

When creating a Smart list you have the option to add multiple filters, thereby allowing you to drill even deeper into your segmentation.

If, for example, you wanted to create a smart list that contains all of your free trial account registrants from the United States only, this is how it would appear: 

To set filters for a Static list…

First select that you’d like to provide criteria for this static list

Next, select the criteria you’d like to filter people into this list based upon.   If, for example, you wanted to build a list of people from one specific company, this is how it would appear: 

If, for example, you wanted to build a static list of only the people who’ve RSVP’d for your event, this is how it would appear: 

Once you’ve defined the criteria you’d like this list to be built upon by utilizing one or more filters, click Execute Criteria so that Leadsius can seek and extract your contacts based upon said criteria. 

Adding an “OR” Group

By adding an “OR” group, you’re diversifying the way in which your list can be built.

To add an “OR” group…

Click the “Add OR Group” button, located below the filter drop down when creating a Smart list or when opting to define criteria for a static list 

If, for example, you wanted to add people to your Static list who’ve either been active on your website or with your communications from a given date BUT you also want to add people who have visited your website 10 times or more, here’s how that would appear:

The same rules apply for adding an “OR” group to a Smart list 

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