With the Google Scholar Integration, you can tell Google Scholar that a user is from your institute. When Google Scholar knows from which institute a user is it can enhance the search results for the user by providing FullText links next to licensed articles. 

When a user with the extension surfs to Google Scholar they will automatically see direct links to articles next to his search results, even when they are off-campus. These links to articles go through the link resolver of his institute.

An example of how this looks for the user:

Linking Google Scholar to multiple libraries

Based on our experiments, it is possible to link Google Scholar to multiple libraries. Additionally, linking to libraries through Google Scholar + using the extension at the same time works in an additive way: full-text links seem to be shown and prioritized based on the order of linkage creation. Please see an example, where we are linked to three libraries at the same time (Caltech, Novozymes, and Windesheim):

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