Google Scholar ID: Where can I find it

Learn where to find your institute's Google Scholar ID

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This is an article for institutions subscribing to Lean Library. If you came here to find your personal Google Scholar ID - please click here.

Don't know where to find the Google Scholar Institute ID of your library? 

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the menu on the top left and click on Settings > Library Links > type in your institute and right-click on it and then choose inspect > the console of your browser will open up.

  2. This will show a code starting with "gs_lib_". Select and copy this code.

Now with the Google Scholar ID, as a Lean Library dashboard administrator, you can integrate Google Scholar to the Lean Library extension. Please follow the following steps:

1: In the Lean Library Dashboard, select Account > General Settings > Google Scholar

2: Paste the code there. Please remember to delete the "gs_lib_". Once you have pasted it, press Save changes



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