Once Library Control has been run, we receive the results excel sheet emailed to the email address that we filled into the Library Control add-on. Your results excel sheet should look similar to this:  

The results

The result for each of the domains can be seen in the last row of the attached excel sheet. When the result in the status-column is OK, then Library Control could reach the proxied url of this domain. For every domain with an ERROR status, the control service had trouble accessing the proxied page. Our best practice for these instances is to manually try accessing these proxied domains and see, if they are really inaccessible. 

Fixing inaccessible domains 

When a domain is not accessible through the proxy server the domain should be disabled in the Lean Library configuration. You can do this by going to E-resource domains and then searching the domain and click on the Enabled? column. See how to do this below:

In case you would still like users to access this domain through the proxy-server, you first need to fix the issue in the proxy-server configuration and then enable it again in the Lean Library Dashboard.

When to run Library Control?

You can run Library Control anytime. We recommend to run it every month to make sure that the proxy-server configuration still matches the Lean Library configuration.

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