With the PubMed Integration, we can let PubMed know that a user is from your institute. This can enhance the search results for the user by providing FullText links next to licensed articles.

Please follow the steps below to integrate PubMed with Lean Library:

1: In the Lean Library Dashboard, select Access Settings > Access enhancers/Integrations > Search enhancers > PubMed

2: Select at which location you want the PubMed Integration to work, we recommend selecting ON and OFF campus for the best user experience.

3: Then fill in your PubMed otool ID in the otool field, press Save changes.

Optional step: Configuring the Holding integration

While holding integration is possible, it is not necessary. Most of our clients do not own a holding ID and therefore only use the PubMed integration with the otool.

To do this integration, add your holding ID to the holding field

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