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Setting up the IP ranges of the campus: How to set it up
Setting up the IP ranges of the campus: How to set it up

Learn how to set up the IP ranges of the campus

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The purpose of saving the campus IP ranges is for the extension to identify whether the patron is ON or OFF campus.

Once configured, the extension will be able to identify if the patron is on campus. If they fall into the IP ranges of the campus, the patron will not see Access pop-ups by default.

Please follow the steps below to set up the IP ranges:

1: In the Lean Library Dashboard select Access > General Network Settings > Settings for On-Campus IP ranges

2: You can add more rows by clicking on the ADD IP RANGE button

Our default setting only allows Access popups for off-campus users. If you wish to change this setting and show the Access popup for on-campus users, please click here and follow the steps to change your settings.

Virtual IP address
If you use Virtual desktop applications in your institute, you can add your Virtual IP address to the dashboard in a separate section. This will allow you to automatically redirect your users through your authentication (Proxy for example) when the user is in a virtual environment. This will work if your Virtual IP is added in the below section and the "Auto authentication redirect within the Extension" option is switched on for your end user.

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