How to do it?

IP-ranges of the campus can be set up in less than 5 minutes. By setting the IP-ranges up for the campus, the extension knows if a user is ON or OFF campus. Please follow the steps below:

1: We can decide if the users should receive "Access pop-ups" when they are ON campus. To disable these pop-ups, check the checkbox ON campus check. By doing this, the system will check the user's IP address, and if it falls into the IP-ranges of the campus, the user will not see access pop-ups. If this setting is disabled, the configurations explained below in this article will not make any effect.  

2: In the Lean Library Dashboard select Account > Proxy Settings 

3: Select Validation on IP-ranges and add the IP-ranges of the campus  

4: We can add more rows by clicking on the ADD IP RANGE button

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