How to do it?

When users browse licensed content OFF campus, they can be automatically redirected to the proxied URL or they can see the "Access pop-up" and get redirected by clicking on it. 

To set up if the users should automatically be redirected, please follow the steps below: 

1: In the Lean Library Dashboard select Account > Proxy Settings
2: Next, check the checkbox Set auto-redirect value 

It is possible to let the users change this setting in the extension for themselves. If it is allowed, they will see the option in the Lean Library options:

To  disable the auto-redirect choice for end-users, please follow the step below: 

1: Check the checkbox Disable the auto-redirect choice for end-users

Please note, that we recommend to set the auto-redirect value to redirect automatically and disable the auto-redirect choice for end-users: 

If auto-redirect choice is disabled for en-users, the setting is not displayed for end-users anymore: 

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