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Auto-redirect within the Extension settings: How to set it up
Auto-redirect within the Extension settings: How to set it up

Learn how to set the auto-redirect settings up

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When a patron browses licensed content OFF campus, they will see "Get Access" pop-up by default. However, as a librairan, if you prefer your patron to be redirected automatically to the proxied URL, below is the step-by-step guide to do enable the setting.

Why choose to set up automatic redirection?

This is beneficial if you'd prefer your patron to not see the pop-up appear as often as it usually would. Having this option switched ON, your patron will always be redirected automatically when they are are on a library resource that your library subscribed to.

To set up the automatic redirection, please follow the steps below: 

1: In the Dashboard, select Access > General Network Settings
2: Under Overall Extension behaviour settings, switch on Auto redirect within the Extension

What happen after this set-up is enabled?

Once this is set up, the "Automate my authentication and skip associated pop-ups" setting will always be selected automatically, like below:

This also means, if your patron prefers to not be directed automatically, they can always come here to de-select this option.

How to hide the auto-redirect option for the patrons?

If you prefer to hide the option for your patrons, please follow the instruction below to hide this setting from your patrons:

1: Switch on Hide the auto-redirect option for your patrons

If auto-redirect choice is hidden, the setting will not be visabled for end-users anymore: 

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